Musikvidenskabeligt Institut, Københavns Universitet

Ph.d.-kursus i musikvidenskab på Musikvidenskabeligt Institut, Københavns Universitet, Danmark, 8.-12. maj 2000

Beskrivelse og fortolkning

Hallgjerd Aksnes,, Institut for Musikk og Teater, Universitetet i Oslo
Perspectives of Musical Meaning: A Study Based on Selected Works by Geirr Tveitt

Owe Ander,, Stockholms Universitet
Aspects on the Instrumentation and Orchestration (Technique) in the Symphonies of Lindblad, Berwald and Norman

Sigbjørn Apeland,, Institute of Music, Faculty of Arts, University of Bergen
The Church Music Discourse. Construction and Maintenance of Norwegian Church Music as a Cultural Field

Jakob Cloos Bojesen,, Institut for Musik og Musikterapi, Aalborg Universitet
Computer Music Aesthetics – Development of Computer Artefacts from the Perspective of Music Aesthetics

Anders Bonde,, Institut for Musik og Musikterapi, Aalborg Universitet
Interference or “the In-between” in 20th Century Music

Ingrid Loe Dalaker,, Musikkvitenskapelig institutt, NTNU, Trondheim
A Revision of the Essentialist and Evolutionalist Traditions of Interpreting the French-Norwegian composer T.D.A. Tellefsen (1823-74)

Jette Barnholdt Hansen,, Musikvidenskabeligt Institut, Århus Universitet
Sounding Speech. The First Court Operas and the Reception of Rhetoric in the Late Renaissance

Iben Have,, Department of Musicology, University of Aarhus
The Meaning of Music In Television

Mats D. Hermansson,, Inst. f. Musikvetenskap, Göteborg
The Scottish Piping and Druming Culture in Scandinavia

Jens Hesselager,, Musikvidenskabeligt Institut, Københavns Universitet
Instrumentation in 20th Cent. Music

Fabian Holt,, Musikvidenskabeligt Institut, Københavns Universitet
The Cool Tradition in Jazz

Eva Marie Jensen, Center for Kunst og Kristendom, University of Copenhagen
Escatological Aspects of Symphonic Music 1890-1920

Jesper Juellund Jensen,, Musikvidenskabeligt Institut, Københavns Universitet
Analysis of Popular Music

Tore Tvarnø Lind,, Musikvidenskabeligt Institut, Københavns Universitet
The Preservation of Byzantine Musical Tradition on Mt. Athos. An Ethnomusicological Investigation.

Jesper Thøis Madsen,, Dansk Institut for Gymnasiepædagogik, Odense
The Teaching of Analysis of Popular Music in Highschool

Henrik Marstal,, Musikvidenskabeligt Institut, Københavns Universitet

Paul Naylor-Gray,, Birmingham

Hans Christian Nielsen,, Musikvidenskabeligt Institut, Københavns Universitet
Rhythm Structures in Caribbean Popular Music

Henrik Næsted,, Musikvidenskabeligt Institut, Københavns Universitet
Musical Expressiveness

Tobias Pettersson,, Inst. f. Musikvetenskap, Göteborg
Music, Morals, and Masculinity: Music History Writing and Value Aesthetics in Sweden ca. 1880-1930. Towards a Musichistoriographical Understanding of the Concept of Genius

Eva Rungwald,, Senter for middelalderstudier, NTNU
A Comparative Study of Words and Music in 1st Mode Office Antiphons in Early Sources of Gregorian Chant

Erik Steinskog,, Department of Musicology, NTNU
Arnold Schönberg's "Moses und Aron": Music, Language, and Representation

Björn Vickhoff,, Inst. f. Musikvetenskap, Göteborg
Gonzaguinha 1945 - 1991, Brasilian Composer, Songwriter, Singer and Guitarist

Hans Weisethaunet,, Institute of Music, Faculty of Arts, University of Bergen


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